Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

So, at school I wanted to do this extra-credit volunteer project where you get to tutor local elementary school kids, but it filled up :( 
It's only the 4th day of school! I couldn't believe it.

While I was thinking about whether or not I wanted to drop the $$ on the Jeffrey Campbell Ann Demeulemeester look-a-likes at Free People, the black ones sold out in almost every size.
They still have other colors, but I don't love that the heel color doesn't match the uppers like the real Ann Ds.

Now THIS was ridiculous. I saw these online, so the next day I went to three Payless stores, none of which had them in stock yet. Two days later I go to buy them online... SOLD OUT. seriously? I'll still check in store, but how annoying?

So after all this nonsense I learned my lesson about striking while the iron is still hot, so to speak. Here are the Jeffrey Campbell Ann D wannabe boots. The size 6 boots had sold out in black and grey, so last night I jumped on these before the size 7s sold out, too. Got them in grey. They shipped this morning, so I'll post them when they arrive!

I'm glad I didn't let these get away - no buyer's remorse! :) Hopefully they'll be just as good in person.


  1. omg i love all of this, i found some really cool ones ill post it tomorrow maybe , they are awesome
    but hopefully you can get your hands in some of these!

  2. Totally know what you mean. I bought the FP lace-ups (first pics) after I saw some going on ebay...I bought them from the FP site cheaper than the ones that sold on ebay. I love the boots you got though! Perfect for fall.

    Also I'm hoping I don't have buyer's remorse with not buying the Sam Edelman Zoe's...:/

  3. I love the boots you ordered..I also love your look in the post below! That is a great skirt.

  4. i bought those payless shoes today! went to two different stores for them but they're worth it.

    i love those JC boots too

  5. I love those booties from Free People, amazing!


  6. what a bad luck!
    love all these shoes, and gongrats with the ones you bought!:)

  7. Wow! payless...really? I might need to go stalk

  8. gah those Payless shoes are amazing! try the glendale branch, they normally have more... hit me up if you go!!!