Monday, August 17, 2009

Apocalypse Now

I've been trying to hold off on buying more makeup, but I think I need one more purchase.

Alice Roi, SS '06 (?)

but with less face powder, more frizz serum


a stain will do as well
Maybe Urban Decay in Apocalypse or Clinique in Black Honey


  1. Amazing lips! I like more red instead of black.

    the singular

  2. I love the red/black.

    I've tried black and it looks awesome at night and with impeccable hair.

    Otherwise it's a little off...


  3. I like the red black, but I think perhaps the black black might be a bit too severe. But I definitely think like wine color would look great!

  4. omg i've never seen that pic of leighton! it takes balls to rock the dark lips but it's definitely going to be a trend for the fall and im curious to see how people are going to do it!