Monday, August 10, 2009

Save It For A Rainy Day

OK, so let's get real. It never rains in Southern California. I don't even remember the last time it rained and I'd bet my bottom dollar that it's not going to rain for months. However, on for the week or so out of the year that it does rain, it fucking pours. And, every year, without fail, I am caught without rain boots. I went through a phase where I thought leopard print ones would be a good idea. And this past winter I thought paisley ones would be awesome. (I'm still toying with these ideas...) 

This year I decided (spurred by this post over at Sophie-sticated on A Perfect Guide about the awesome Hunter boots at the top of the post that I was able to track down on ASOS) to get a head start on the gloomy weather, though, so I did a little online browsing today while everyone is busy lusting over the See by Chloe wrap around Doc Marten things, and here's what I've come up with:


(starting at the top, from left to right) 

Plask Rubber Boot from Gap "Athleta" $89.99
American Eagle ombre rain boots from Payless (no link because they're from last year)
White Lace Up Rain Boots by Ilse Jacobsen available from OAK $175
Hunter Original Tall Rain Boot from Nordstrom $115
Black Lace Up Rain Boots by Ilse Jacobsen available from OAK $175
more of the Black Lace Up Rain Boots by Ilse Jacobsen available from OAK $175
Chooka Croco Rain Boots from What A Pair $79.99
Rainbow Lace Up Rain Boots by Ilse Jacobsen available from OAK for $175
Nomad Puddles Solid Boots from What A Pair $38.90
Jeffrey Campbell Marsha Solid Boots from What A Pair $64.90
Gucci Men's Rain Boot from Saks $295
Leopard Rain Boots from Charlotte Russe $24.99
Nomad Yippy Western Boots from What A Pair $39.99
more Black (not lace up) Boots by Ilse Jacobsen
Capelli New York high shine boots from What A Pair $29.99

Also, Marc Jacobs candy [$28]

[Burberry from Nordstrom, $195]

Sorry that was kind of intense. I don't fool around with my footwear. This is a pretty good function of this blog that I can compile all of my shopping research into one place, because when I get it in my mind that I want to buy something, I sort of go nuts on and

Anyway, to summarize:
-ombre sounds good
-cowboy rain boots would be cool, but I don't know if I'd wear them
-BLACK is almost always my best bet
-obvs, can't afford D&G rain boots

&&&& OMG ILSE JACOBSEN!!!! I want these boots. They are like rain boots that look like Doc Martens... um, how perfect? I think I want the white ones, but it's really hard to decide!


  1. I never used rain boots in shootings... what can fit with them?

  2. OHHHH i am IN LOVEEEEEE with those pastel boots =) a pair in every colour! Love them.. =)

    Loving your blog! =)



    too badass...I never really liked hunter boots...but now I think I want some...


  4. those Hunter boots are amazing! i live in LA and of course have no justifiable reason for you wear rain boots all day, or just when outside??