Sunday, August 9, 2009

People Get Ready

What is up with Free People, lately? I thought they were just changing their website, but I guess they've gone way more "fashion-forward" so to speak. I'm impressed.

Pretty rad. I've been wanting to make something like this.

Free People = hippies gone psychobilly? Kind of great. These aren't on the website anymore, so maybe they sold out? You can just go online for TUK, though.


Very make-able.

Can't believe I've never thought to do something like this. Don't think I'd really wear them, though, so maybe that's why. Seems like kind of a waste of some good Chucks. I'd rather graffiti all over a pair or something.

Reminds me of a Brenda Walsh top I've been lusting over that I'll probably post on soon.

Looking like the Golden Goose boots over at Atlantis Home.

WHY WOULD YOU PAY $170 FOR THESE???? Buy a $30 pair of chucks, buy $3 worth of studs, finish them in the time it takes you to watch a movie. Jeez.

boot straps to imitate the See by Chloes

More wannabe Chloes. These are pretty decent dopplegängers.

Fake Ann Ds.

Over the knee boots! They're a little more my style, being a touch tamer (read: not leather and flat) than the Givenchy cowboys.

Never thought I would see non-floral Docs at Free People. Who knew?


  1. I totally noticed that too. There are so many things I like. That top necklace is awesome!

  2. The cut Converse looks amazing!!!

  3. Love the lace shirt and the boot straps.


    The complex geometries stuff is amazing huh?

    haha bewbs! Yeah...mine are actually a lot bigger than they look...most of the time. I usually wear a training bra/sports bra under unusual gives a smooth curve. No underwire for me!


  5. Where are the top strappy wedges from? LUST, LOVE, WOW! :)

    And yes, I try my best to be informative when I can- I want to share any tips or news I come across that might be helpful to you guys reading my blog :) I'm glad you liked it.



  6. Oh wow, thanks for the link =)
    and how crazy are those sliced up converse!?


  7. i loooove studs. i think i might try to diy those sneakers.

    that necklace oddly reminds me of one i've seen on etsy. it was made of chains, but made out of wool. really interesting.

  8. Ooh! i love everything in this post. They're simply marvelous for words to describe.. Thanks for sharing them with us..