Saturday, August 15, 2009

To Die By Your Side, Well The Pleasure - The Privilege Is Mine

WANTED: 1 pair booties. Must be "made for walkin'." If found, please contact me ASAP. K thnx, bai!

So, Carolina Engman bought these from Din Sko. To my complete and utter disappointment, Din Sko does not deliver their amazingly cute shoes outside of the Netherlands. Sad. So I tried to find something comparable in the states. I should try Aldo maybe.

So, our first contestant was this pair from Urban, at 50% off. I didn't like that the shaft was meant to be significantly roomier than necessary for a leg, though. It was even like that on the model in the catalog. I wanted something more fitted to look seamless when worn with black tights/leggings.

Next I tried these. Kind of the same problem. The part with the grommets was sort of floating above my foot, as if the shoe had been expecting a rather swollen foot/ankle to fill it. Maybe I could have gone down half a size if they had carried it, but everything else seemed to fit fine... Sad

Just spotted these online. I quite like them, so maybe the others not fitting was a sign. I'm not going to order them blindly, though, because clearly fit is touch and go.
Hopefully, one day, I will find my sole-mates... (har har)


  1. Aesthetically, the last ones are the prettiest. So definitely see how they fit first, because that one looks like a winner to me! I can't wait to see which ones you get.

  2. You don't have nobody you know in the Netherlands you could ask to buy and send for you? Or in another country in Europe... ?

    the singular

  3. Ahh The Smiths! I have a perfect image of the shoes you want in my head, it's a shame you can't find any- it's so frustrating when that happens.

  4. wow all those shoes are great xoxooxox

  5. Oh those Din Skos are too good...shame they don't ship to you. Finding the perfect pair of black ankle boots is so difficult. I started looking at the beginning of autumn and now spring is approaching (I'm in the southern hemisphere) and I still haven't found them!

  6. thats going to be a hard shoe to compare to - im sort of picky about my footwear and the din sko are phenomenal!

    good luck.