Saturday, August 1, 2009


I was driving today and remembered when in middle school I was driving down the same street by our house with my dad and he got a speeding ticket. It was all very scandalous to my little 12 year old self. Anyway, the reason he was speeding so much is because he had spotted Don Everly driving by in a red convertible, so my dad started following him! He told the cop, just for posterity's sake I guess, and the cop replied, "Yeah, I was going to give him the ticket first, but you got in the way, so I pulled you over instead." Ah, the trials and tribulations of living in the quasi-star-studded area (if Drew Carey and Miley Cyrus/Disney child-star robots count?) of Toluca Lake/North Hollywood/Burbank. Anyway, seeing him was awesome, even though I didn't really get a good look other than just his car. Kinda like when you spot Jay Leno zipping around in his little "projects." So, in the spirit of childhood memories, here is a lovely cover of Buddy Holly's "That'll Be The Day" by the wonderful Everly Brothers.

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