Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

I saw these shoes on and, while nothing I would ever buy or wear, they reminded me of something 60s and a little bit mod. I thought Samantha Stevens might have worn something like them, hypothetically speaking. [Bewitched for all you chilluns out there. Granted, I caught these all on TV Land and Nick at Night back in the day, but try not to make me feel ancient :) ]

The lovely Elizabeth Montgomery

I never really understood diehard I Dream Of Jeannie fans. That show always just seemed to have a twinge of sexism to it that rubbed me the wrong way. (I mean, I get that he was her "master" - technically, but I always thought Samantha and Endora were way more BA.)


  1. Hummmm... interesting shoes...

  2. haha I know. They remind me of Tokyo too

  3. im loving those shoes.. ! something cool. : )