Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm Not Leaving 'Til Someone Plays Captain Beefheart!

Went to a friend's party last night. Was super in a rush getting ready so I didn't take outfit pics until I got home after. (Turns out 3 in the morning + dead camera battery = Mac photobooth pictures.) Anyway, most of my concerted efforts at looking presentable were directed toward hair and makeup, so unfortunately I was less than creative with the clothes. Pretty similar to what I wore to No Doubt. I had to look decent, be able to withstand Southern California heat and post-midnight chill factor, while keeping in mind that there was going to be a guy there I knew from high school that I didn't want hitting on me.

I figured out how to wave at my slightly shnockered self via the mirror... no comment.

cardigan - Target
cut up skirt from thrift store
lace top from thrift store
belt - gift (from Target I think)
black tank top underneath the lace bits from AA

This was the only way I could think to take a picture including my feet at the time
Clearly my room is still a mess.

from Urban Outfitters last summer

Hope you all had a good weekend!

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