Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Don't Believe In Kings

Some people said they liked my outfit today (including a mildly creepy guy... hate that!), so here it is.
(I just moved in, so sorry about the paint splatters on the mirror! Once I get used to the new apartment, I'll find a better way to take pictures.)


My favorite part is that it's cheap!
tank top - American Apparel
belt - gift from my bestie Andrea
bracelet - Forever 21
skirt - "vintage" Rampage from my mom
(mid-90s? I don't remember her wearing it...)
sandals - Urban Outfitters


This is a ring I was wearing today. It is one of my favorites... I got it out of one of those 50-cent machines from a pizza joint or something, years ago

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  1. i love claddagh rings! I have a plain silver one!