Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Rare That Two Can Get Along

Here are a few pictures/videos from No Doubt in Irvine 08/02/09. I had lawn seats (I'm only willing to spend that much money on Stones tickets or shoes) but the sound on the videos was still decent. Fun show, minus Paramore and the Paramore fans (they were all like 10-14 years old). It's funny the parallel between Paramore fans and Twilight fans (and probably Hot Topic fans as well).

The Sounds (because Maja is kind of awesome)

We got Sonic after since we were already in Orange County and they don't have one of those anywhere near LA.

Guns of Navarone while Gwen did a quickie wardrobe change

Most of Underneath it All... cute home movies playing in the background

My personal favorite part of the concert... Different People (great song... the concert was a little Rock Steady heavy, I was hoping for some more Total Hate, etc. so this was cool) & introducing the band members

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