Friday, August 7, 2009


Caught this '93 "thriller" on HBO yesterday. I had never heard of it before. It's got Juliette Lewis and Brad Pitt back when they were dating I think. Also, David Duchovny and Michelle Forbes (who now plays Maryann on True Blood) played a "yuppie" couple, but they were kind of edgy, wore black and leather mostly. I could relate to their strange interest in serial killers. Also, I figured it would be a winner with Juliette Lewis in it, right?

Turns out, in Kalifornia David Duchovny plays a writer who likes to fuck, so clearly playing a writer who likes to fuck in Californication is a huge stretch for him. 

This movie was so rad though. Not because it was good or because Brad Pitt kills a lot of stuff while rocking an awesome beard (which was great), but the 1993-ness of it all means their wardrobe is very... 2009? So I collaged:

Here's one for Carrie's wardrobe, played by Michelle Forbes... Very black, gray, city slick. [Click the image if it gets cut off on your computer, I don't know how to get the images to automatically resize to the blog's width]

Here's one for down-home Adele, played by Juliette Lewis. High waisted florals, denim, tube tops/bandeaus

Sexy men-folk...


  1. wow . such a great post! Juliette Lewis is totally awesome in an insane way.

  2. I liked this movie! It is insane!

  3. That's such a good movie....I seriously haven't seen it since then...I love Carrie's look...It reminds me of that chick in the first Melrose place who wore tons of black....Have you seen True Romance? It has that great early 90's fashion as well!

  4. Hey, love your blog, also great movie!

    198, Butterfly: Fashion, Design and Architecture:

  5. looks like an intresting flick, i might rent it out the next time i go to the dvd shop!~ and yes indeed lewis and pitt were dating, and in fact she dumped him!

  6. That's a pretty crazy movie but I love it! The collages you made are really cool! xxoxoxo