Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ready Boots? Start Walkin'!

Breaking news! This just in:

I found these on eBay. They're Charles David, but better yet, they are only $35. Granted, they aren't perfect, but they do have a thicker stacked heel, which I like. The silhouette of the toe looks good and I was looking for a good buckle or zipper detail. I might buy them and DIY-tweak them a little bit (maybe chains or a new buckle or a peep toe or something) to make them look a little fresher. It's probably best if I only pay around $40, though, because I get shoe ADHD and chances are I won't end up wearing a pair of $200 ankle boots enough times to make the purchase very worthwhile.


  1. You are going to walk so much with them!!! They look great!!!

    the singular

  2. Amazing shoes!!! Omg, your blog rocks!!:)

  3. Awesome boots!
    What a great find!
    Beth xx

  4. Gorgeous boots! And what a great price!