Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh, Mother Of Pearl I Wouldn't Trade You For Another Girl

I've been looking for a good, black, badass looking pair of ankle boots, but it's hard.

This is my dream pair still, but unavailable in the U.S.

This is a contender from Aldo, but I was really looking for something with a heftier heel.

This pair is from Urban Outfitters... I tried them on, but from the front my feet looked like tiny little baby hooves or something (I'm only a size 6.5, I think I tried on a 6... sometimes a rounded toe makes me look like I have kiddie feet) Urban Outfitters has been personally failing me lately.

And I found these from Moschino, but they're so out of my price range... just eye-candy :) They remind me a little of the new Acne wedges. Sexy monster of Frankenstein shoes?

Anyway, the search continues, but I will keep y'all posted!