Wednesday, August 5, 2009

His Car Is Warm And Dry

The other day, my brother went to a Reel Big Fish concert that so happened to also be a sort of 30th Year Reunion type deal for the Beat. Now, my brother is very much like me in that he basically doesn't come home from a show without a t-shirt or something. I get it, it's fun to collect. At THIS concert, though, he bought a bit of a project for me. He purchased an English Beat shirt almost identical to the one worn by Sting in the Police video for Don't Stand So Close To Me with the design as seen below:

Here's where I come in: Sting's shirt is all cut up, muscle-tee style, so my brother required my DIY scissor skills. Easy enough. 

I just cut off the sleeves, collar, and hem, no biggie.

Here's the video for reference (and music!):

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As payment for my scissor-skills, I asked my brother to borrow the shirt to wear to the No Doubt concert I was going to the next day in Irvine (08/02/09).

sry guys, all I have are crappy Myspace style shots with my crap camera

and my messy room... woops

Ray Ban knocks - Urban
drape-y cardigan - Target
shirt - DIY
belt - gift (but from Target too I think)
grey skirt - a previously long thrift store skirt I cut
& my Docs

Shot at the concert with the lovely roomie (whose face I censored since I didn't ask her if she minded being on my blog, maybe I will remove it later)


  1. re: mirror shots, self-timer is your new best friend.

    also, yay for diy!

  2. yeah I self timer off of my bookshelf when I can, but I was in a bit of a rush

  3. nice, well done! looks good on you, maybe don't give it back to your brother? ;)

  4. Love the MySpace style pictures, and the outfit is FAB!