Monday, January 4, 2010

You're The Dirty Hack That Shot Your Woman Down

In middle school I had this friend with an older sister who I thought was oh-so-awesome. She had the best clothes, great makeup, impeccable musical taste, modeled, really edgy, etc, etc.

She also read Nylon, so I decided that I had to as well. I remember seeing this issue in their house in particular that especially piqued my interest:


It seems that as I have been subscribed over the last 5/6 years, though, I have been witnessing the steady decline of the magazine. Granted, occasionally they'll have a few interesting features, or will pick a decent cover subject. I think they still do pretty good music reviews.

However, who can forget the dreaded Paris Hilton issue?
Even the most recent one... not great. Hillary Duff? Really?


I think the SJP issue of Elle the other month had edgier styling. This issue read a little "Teen Vogue" for me.

Moral of the story? I need a new, actually inspiring subscription.
I wish Jalouse was cheaper in the states.


  1. woah i like that 2004 cover..hate that hilary duff one though:):)

  2. Oh dear god. Unsubscibe immediatly.

  3. Yeah, I was pretty disappointed with the hilary duff cover. But apart from that, I feel like it's still pretty good. Perhaps if they put someone like Miley Cyrus on the cover next-then it'd be a good idea to cancel.

  4. Yes, Nylon is so not the same! I miss all the old issues that made me love Nylon in the beginning! It was unique. Now its mainstream.