Friday, October 9, 2009

I'd Post Theme Song Lyrics If There Were Any...

OK, feeling irreverent ahora. I don't have any interest in posting fashion week pictures. I'm "over it" if you will.

So, let's reminisce on Hey Arnold!, a little bit, shall we?


Skinny girl jeans for boys before they were trendy, bringing back grunge flannel almost immediately after grunge was over, rocking the ambiguous silhouette (is it a dress? a skirt? a tunic? no... just a long shirt). Man, was that Arnold ever a trend setter! Look at that mob of kids behind him just wishing they were as cool as him, with his droopy eyelids and dazed smile. His hair is like reverse mohawk, too. Watch out, world - pretty soon Ash Stymest is going to be rocking the Arnold hair. You just wait.

1 comment:

  1. I loved Hey Arnold! And yes, that boy was totally cutting-edge with his clothes but I think his friend Gerald was also up there with his beehive-style 'fro. I always loved Arnold's plaid tunic, haha.