Sunday, February 1, 2009

Where my girls at, from the front to back

This was a really good weekend! Of course, I didn't really get any homework done, but hopefully I will remedy that in a couple of minutes. Here's the play-by-play:

Thursday, the roomie and I stayed home and played Guitar Hero and watched Weeds and didn't do homework. Friday, after I got home form work, we went to the Beverly Center and went shopping. I got some tights from H&M and a drape-y sweater vest kind of thing from Forever 21. This is the closest picture I can find, but it doesn't have a belt or look that cheap in real life: 

Also, my new boots came in the mail! Saturday, we went to Santa Monica to hit up Urban Outfitters. I don't exactly have money to be spending, but I found a really cute Grey Antics jacket on sale 

and a sweater I couldn't live without. I can't find a picture of the sweater, but here's what the back looks like: 

We went to Yummy Cupcakes for lunch (we got a red velvet and a vanilla blackberry). For dinner, the roomie and I went to Wartung Cafe in the fashion district with a couple friends and then to the basketball game against Cal. Sunday, I got breakfast with my Grandma at Alcove Cafe. I got the brioche french toast, which was quite yummy, but not my favorite thing there. 

That is all. :)

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