Monday, February 16, 2009

Crazy little woman in a one man show

I have begun a venture of the iTunes variety; turns out it is a great undertaking indeed:
I will not only be listening to each and every one of the currently 6,603 songs on my iTunes in alphabetical order (which would take 16.5 days as is if I listened non-stop), but I will also be verifying that their title/artist/album artwork information is correct, adding the years they were recorded, and deleting songs that shouldn't be there (ie bad iTunes freebees).

So far, I am almost done with the "A" section. I started three days ago. Highlights included the Aggrolites, America, Andrew Bird, and the Aquabats. Here is what I've discovered:
1. Andrew Bird is kind of weird, and hard to classify genre-wise on my iTunes (I think I put Alternative? or Adult Contemporary?)
2. Vs. The Floating Eye Of Death is my least favorite Aquabats album
3. I like America a lot more than I remembered
4. I don't like it when the Aggrolites use too much organ in their instrumental stuff... too calypso-y
5. I LOVE the Arcade Fire a lot more than I thought I did
6. Architecture in Helsinki is kind of sucky

And that is all for now :)

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