Thursday, February 24, 2011

Last Night Or The Night Before That, I Won't Say Which Night


These are some of my most recent jewelry acquisitions (mostly through eBay) + wearing the matte black Zoya nail polish I got during their winter giveaway.

From left to right:

silver Noir stud ring with an old silver band I've hand forever

canoe shaped dead pawn Zuni (maybe... hard to tell with dead pawn, but inlaid work like this is often Zuni) silver and turquoise ring (I feel like it's 1920s since it feels kind of art deco...) - one of my favorite pieces

another inlaid silver/turquoise ring

on my right hand I have this round silver/turquoise ring (which frankly I am not even sure if this one is actual turquoise - probably acrylic, but I kinda like it - not terribly unique, though)

then my absolute favorite, which is this super primitive/rustic ring that reminds me of a shield; this one is so funky (the shank's pretty crooked, too), I like to think that maybe it was made my someone who was first learning how to make jewelry - it's heavy and shows the natural stones beautifully

and finally, a tiny silver band with green turquoise inlay

Just realized I forgot to take a picture of the awesome silver bracelet my aunt got me in India (it screws on and off instead of a traditional clasp) - I'll get around to that soon!

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