Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Loud And Tasteless And I've Heard It Before

So, I'm back in the blogging mood. I had been feeling very uninspired fashion-wise these past several months, but I'm kind of getting into it again. I'm on winter break for the next month with no responsibilities, so I'll try to get the blog back into the swing of things!

OK, now I know I am in the severe minority when I say this, but I hate the Jeffrey Campbell Litas. His shoes for me are usually either dead-on, or totally psychotic/"Why would anyone buy these??" I just don't get the Litas. I think they create an extremely unflattering silhouette on the foot, and not even in a cool or interesting way. It's one thing to be unflattering, but not necessarily ugly. I think it's the covered platform that does it for me. Whenever I see them on other blogs, I only like outfits that include a pair of Litas if the Litas are almost entirely hidden by a flared pant (then I can just imagine they're a cuter pair of shoes anyway). I'll end my rant now, but am I seriously the only person that doesn't get what's so great about these shoes? The Foxys are so similar and about a million times cuter. I'd rather wear those sandals and have cold toes than these horrid boots. :)



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