Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's The American Way

Thrift store haul:

clockwise from top left: 

- a very shoulder-pad-y navy blazer (pretty cliche thrift store fare, I'm surprised I didn't already own one), 

- silly 80s printed Alaska tourist shirt (probably going to get cut up into a tank), 

- Wet Seal bleached out jeans (which I considered just leaving as-is after I bought them since I have such trouble finding jeans that fit, but then I was like "Wait! Are we in 7th grade or something?" so I proceeded to make them into really slutty cut offs, & will stud them - I'll update on this soon), 

- black and white lacy tops (the kind best worn with a black bra - great minds think alike, but only if I can get out the house before my parents see - not something I thought I'd have to worry about at 20, sheesh), 

- a couple little purses (the one with the chain strap has leather woven through it thats sort of peeling, so I may have to cut it out and unweave it from the chain if it starts to bother me too much, but otherwise both are in decent condition),

- "No Cuffs Bail Bonds" t-shirt, which I have already incorporated into many mental outfits,

- Nine West oxfords that fit me like a peel on a banana (ie awesomely),

- shirt that reads Hindu Kush the World's Finest Since 1993 (too funny to resist, but so huge I might make it into a dress)

- an Pepto Bismol-y perfect Miami Vice/BH 90210 pink t-shirt by Lucky Brand that says Malibu Everyday Camp on it (pretty big on me, will probably be made into a tank)

Total damage: about $25.50. That's it. Afterward I went to Urban and spent more than that much on ONLY A HAT. 

Except mine is gray. It's cute, but I feel super guilty about the hat now, so I may return it. I'm going to look for a cheaper one on Abbot Kinney/Venice Boardwalk tomorrow.

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