Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Destroy My Sweater

I realize I am months late in hopping on along with this Raquel Allegra-inspired trend, but I had been rather occupied last semester getting my A in Environmental Law.

As a perpetual crafter, my room is littered with (mostly unfinished) DIYs and, as an avid knitter, in my opinion there can be no greater and liberating joy found than in destroying knitwear. So, last night plopped myself down in front of Conan O'Brien and took to a sort of big and unflattering AA shirt I never wore anyway. Here's my progress so far:

Just starting out

Almost done with the first panel

Crappy close up on my camera (I couldn't use flash since the shirt's white, so they were all coming out blurry)

I liked how the hem looked where I ripped out the seam - a little bit like perforated paper

First panel finished - it starts in the back but is sort of diagonal and goes up to my armpit

This project is pretty fun and therapeutic. Kind of relaxing to do in front of my Netflix Instant Play Beverly Hills: 90210, so at the risk of looking like I was on the losing end of a fight with Nancy Spungen, I think I'll continue with this... Maybe it'll make a good 4th of July outfit addition?

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