Thursday, April 30, 2009

Make My Rainy Day

I'm dying for a good pair of wedges right about now.

Rumi posted these, and I'm really digging the Office ones on the far right, even though they aren't normally my thing. And my layout is totally going to cut this picture off in the middle of that pair, but I'll fix it later.

Here's a really blurry screen capture of the shoes from their site that I tried to fix up a little bit to show the detail a little better...

Also loving the Cynthia Vincent Luellas, either color.

AND the boots I wanted went on sale.

But, really, what I want are Jane's Givenchy wedges... because, "I'm like a really gothic person. rlyseriously."

Really, though, they're a little tacky sadomasochistic in the best way possible and I want them.

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  1. stunning shoees!