Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Plastic Lips!

I saw this interesting article linked from about digitally altered photography in magazines. i guess in Paris they are trying to get a law mandating that there be some sort of disclaimer on these photos (or that at least the photoshoppers be credited). I think this is a great idea; these pictures being passed off as truth have damaging psychological effects on young girls and boys in particular. I have nothing against retouching in and of itself, but some people don't realize the extent to which this occurs; in advertising and such, every photo you see has been digitally enhanced.

Here is this great "before and after" exposé did in their Photoshop of Horrors series (take note of how FRIGHTENINGLY thin they made her arm! Oh no, let's not let readers think celebrities have bones or muscle!):

[See the article for words on this animation of the before and after pictures, links to Redbook's opinion on the piece, and an annotated version of the work that was probably done on her photo.]

There is also this picture of Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet Annie Leibovitz did for Vanity Fair recently:

Now, don't get me wrong, from far away this look like a beautiful photo (granted, I do think Annie Leibovitz' reservoir of creative ideas has been drying up a bit and that she relies too heavily on her famous subjects as interesting photography, but that's another story), not to mention that I love this pair - in addition to Revolutionary Road (you should see it if you haven't, absolutely shafted at the Academy Awards, but - again - another story).
You'd think Vanity freaking Fair would be a little bit more careful when they composite photos like this. Close, but no cigar.

Also, I am addicted to these Photoshopping videos on YouTube. It's a little bit creepy and really makes you look twice when you're reading a magazine.

There are literally hundreds of videos like this out there... So bizarrely intriguing.

All that said, though, I'm not great at Photoshop, but I'd like to learn a bit better. I did make this one picture of M.I.A. into a cartoon, which I need to touch up a little bit (the ink weight on her leg should be a bit more tapered, especially, plus I don't like the little speech bubble and want to change the dialogue). I did it using a tutorial I came across online (I don't remember the link, though...)



Saturday, March 7, 2009


So, Cycle 12 of ANTM started this past week and I think it looks somewhat promising. I was totally disappointed that the conspiracy theorist didn't make it on the show, because I figured even if the girls weren't good models are the show didn't come up with any interesting shoots, at least I'd have someone ridiculous to listen to, a la Jade Cycle 6.

However, one girl I was pulling for in the first hour, Allison, did make it through. 

Here's a video of her silliness:


Plus, she kind of looks like a bush baby:


Or Sleestack from Land of the Lost:


Don't see the resemblance? How about now?