Friday, January 30, 2009

I've been one poor correspondent and I've been too, too hard to find

I'm in a serious hair rut. About five years ago, I cut sideswept bangs, and when I recently realized that I had had the same hairstyle ever since, I decided to grow it out. I was blond growing up, but my hair darkened a little as I got older. I have a short attention span with my hair, but my aunt is a hairdresser, so I get free service! Last year, I died it auburn, black-brown, chocolate, and have highlighted it. I've continued to highlight my hair in the hopes of making it continuously blonder, but my hair hasn't been reacting so well to the blond dye this tie around. I'm trying to let it grow out as long as I possibly can, but it keeps breaking so it's been hard. Whatever, you get the picture. Here's what I'm aiming for:

Looking through the bent backed tulips

I am a college student, which I enjoy immensely. However, I've been feeling like I might need an occasional escape from the land of frat parties, Kanye West, and mall clones. I'm not trying to make this some high-and-mighty trip, as if my thoughts and opinions were somehow superior to those of my peers. After all, my life surely isn't completely devoid of frat parties, Kanye, and trips to the Beverly Center. I just want somewhere to ramble, be a little self-centered, and point out things I find interesting. With that in mind, I promise NOT to ponder the meaning of life, post a thousand pictures of my pets, or take an inhumane interest in Tori Spelling's personal affairs. Enjoy!